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Hosein Ghazian

Born in Tahran, Iran

Lives & works in Virginia, USA


▫️ Hosein Ghazian, Ph.D., is an Iranian sociologist, theorist, commentator, researcher and author. He currently resides in the United States. 

▫️ As an artist and photographer, he is interested in abstract and social photography. Unlike his clear and precise points of view in sociology, he takes an abstract, vague and ambiguous perspective towards photography filled with irony and humor. 

▫️ While creating his pieces, he ventures to present more than the ordinary. Through abstract, irony and the unfinished, he encourages the viewer to partake in completing his work utilizing imagination. 

▫️ His emphasis of “light”, “shadows” and “reflection” portrays the movement of light and points of darkness in a unique way. 

▫️ The photos you come across here come from the eyes of a sociologist, who wants to communicate with you in a different way.